An exquisitely rendered portrait in oil on the finest Belgium portrait linen in the world is for the ages. A portrait captures a moment in time that serves as a connection from the past to the present into the future. A time honored tradition, a portrait is more than a likeness; it is a work of art that will be cherished for generations.

To start, there is usually phone and/or e-mail communications with me. After meeting and agreeing on wardrobe, location and perhaps a prop, I will make suggestions as to the composition for the portrait. We will then schedule a photo shoot. All efforts are made to make the experience of sitting for the portrait very easy. This session will take no more than an hour. I will return to my studio to complete the portrait using these photo references. The finished painting will take a couple of months due to execution and drying times.

It helps if I can see where the portrait is to be installed. I would be more than happy to suggest an appropriate size or location.

Questions to consider:

  1. Is the portrait to be formal or informal?
  2. What will the subject wear?
  3. What will appear in the background?
  4. What size will the canvas be?
  5. Where will the portrait hang?
  6. What type of frame will the portrait be hung in?

I will lead you through these essential questions. I can offer advice regarding the framing of your portrait. The success of a portrait is in the planning of the compositional details. Clients are more than welcome to visit my studio if it is convenient for them.


Price quotes are starting amounts and will be adjusted for variations in size, number of figures and complexity of image. Adjustments will be made for background items and or environmental elements which are key to the subject's position or home.

Head & shoulders: Approx.
12X16 to 20X24
Starting at $1,800
Half figure with hands:
20X24 to 25X30
Starting at $3,600
Three quarter figure:
25X30 to 30X36
Starting at $4,800
Full Body: Larger
Starting at $6,000

Travel and living expenses are additional when it is necessary for me to leave New York. Crating, shipping, insurance and framing are billed to the client.

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